Morning on the Moor


(Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos)

The years spent living beside the Myall Lakes on the mid-north coast of NSW enabled me to get to know Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos very well. One particular family group seemed to be led by and old female, who on our first encounters would give an alarm call and take of with the others following.With time, they became more accustomed to me and so I was able to approach them quite closely when they were feeding. The old female would now give a soft call which seemed to say “that is as close as you are allowed to come”.

This painting is a result of many such encounters, and depicts the wild heathland moors near the Myall Lakes. To me Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos are true spirits of the wild.

Dimensions: 750 x 550 mm (29 1/2” x 22”)
Canvas - edition of 400


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